Hey! That’s My Log!

Here is the log that some guy apparently chased down a river in Oregon for 2 days.  Yep — this one wasn’t just laying on the forest floor waiting to be reclaimed.  It was moving.  I like that – it’s my log.

After he caught it, it was milled into boards for my siding and kiln dried.


Then it made its way across the country bound for Alexandria, VA.  Only it got here a day early immediately after last night’s soaking rains.  It traveled in a giant tractor-trailer.  Did I mention my driveway is steep?

After a last-minute diversion, it now rests in West River, MD in my brother’s yard.


It will be transferred bit by bit over to the Sevareid House.  Yet, again Dave goes above and beyond.  It looks a lot nicer sitting on his nice grass rather than in my muddy dirt pile of a yard.



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