A Glorious Fall Morning on Seminary Ridge

A November morning that is 70 degrees is like a gift in the midatlantic.  I spent the better part of the day filming the house and grounds and sharing the place with a few friends who dropped by.  The light today was captivating inside and out.

The house sits on top of 1.5 acres on the back side of Seminary Ridge.  The other side of the ridge faces 395.  Luckily because the hill is heavily wooded, we can’t hear much of the highway.  It’s really an amazing oasis in the city.  At one point, the property consisted of 4 acres at the “end of the road” in Alexandria.  This area was considered “the country” when the house was built in the early 40s.  I read somewhere that the property even included horse stables at one point.

Mrs. Syme sold about 2 acres on Pegram to a developer about 8 years ago.  So now, at the foot of the hill, sit four new large colonial revival mansion-ettes.  It’s a shame, really, because our view would have been even more spectacular had the property not been developed.  But on the other hand, I’m fairly certain that with four acres, the house (and the needed renovation/restoration) would have been out of reach.   So the houses below get a stellar view of our magnificent house on the hill.


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